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Odoo ERP Functional Consultant

We act as the best and trusted Odoo partner and constantly contributing free application and plugin to odoo community. With this experience, our Odoo ERP Functional Consultant can bring specialized skills to assist the client’s business need and implement the best possible decision on implementing Odoo Projects. A few of our qualities are listed but not limited to:

Knowledge in all industries.

Understanding your business flow.

Solutions to overcome the challenges.

Perfect Integration.

Powerful Communication

Odoo ERP Technical Consultant

As the name implies, Odoo ERP Technical Consultant is the one who manages Odoo ERP implementation and the integration part. Our well experienced ERP Technical Consultants can fill the gaps between the business process and the Odoo ERP, our team can develop the programs specified by the functional consultants and helps to reflect it in the business requirement. Below we have listed some of the responsibilities of Odoo ERP Technical Consultant.

Detailed Knowledge in Coding.

Involvement in Module Creation.

Develop and implement Technical Specifications.

Module Enhancement.

Perform Unit Test and Integration.



Business Requirement Analysis

Identifying and gathering of your business requirements.

Customized Mapping

Provide mapping requirements and software solutions.

Business Requirement Document

Document business requirements, issues and updated process flows.

Quality Assurance.

Review and evaluate technical design and technical quality issues.

Program Modification.

Execution of program modifications and customization.

Hassle-free Integration.

Helping with reducing the risk while doing implementations.


Process study and Analysis

This incorporates a one-on-one work with various functional areas and people at your business place to layout methodologies, map processes, gather requirements and KPI's. We, Odoo consultants validate the findings and recognize the process improvement opportunities.

  • Identifying the processed in your organization.
  • Provides the best solutions in odoo.
  • Implement odoo by analyzing the requirements.

Business Process Improvement

We, Odoo ERP Technical & Functional Consultants help your business organization to bring in process changes so as to build a complete professional outlook. We streamline your business process via in depth analysis of your grey areas and strengthening the opportunities for improvement.

  • Identifying process that can be more productive and efficient
  • Analyze every aspect of a client's business operation.
  • Frequent research to understand your customer base.

Continuous Improvement

To ensure that the recommended workflow is practical and sustainable, we Odoo ERP Technical & Functional Consultants provide complete leadership support and end-user training to our clients. Our staged approach empowers your organization to take charge of your processes in both the short- and long-term.

Offers reliable and qualitative services.

Identifying the new opportunities and changing plans

Offers the odoo support according to the business needs

How it Works

Hiring of Certified Consultant

To start with, you can choose the certified Odoo consultant from us. We get you full control over your selection of certified consultant for long term.

Analysis of Business Process

Analyze the business workflow, business process, current software in use, issues, goal statements to gain a clear picture of what is required for achieving the business goal.

Mapping Software Requirement

We sketch the best practices in Odoo that can improve business process. We collaborate with the current workflow processes and seamlessly re-map and configure process in Odoo.

Reviewing Consultancy Report

The consultancy report lists the changes that can aid your organization grow and leverage best of Odoo ERP. It details the scale of customization and development you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose an Odoo Consultant

An Odoo consultant can provide a detailed report of your project and discover the potential of Odoo ERP for your business organization. A certified Odoo ERP Consultant can implement Odoo ERP without any failure and offer the best Odoo support available and will act as a medium between developers and the client. An experienced consultant can easily understand the customer requirement and suggest the most suitable solution.

How can I find the Best Odoo Consultant

If you are searching for the best Odoo Consultant, Always look for analytical and technical expertise. The Odoo functional consultants should have deep knowledge of different modules in Odoo ERP and provide a detailed explanation for the client's queries. The best Odoo consultant can provide a simple yet effective solution for your requirement. Always consider the communication skill, the best Odoo consultant can only provide the best solution only if he understands the client's requirements quickly and accurately.

Why certified Odoo Consultants are better than freelancers

The most important factor to consider before hiring an Odoo consultant is the experience he/she is having. A certified Odoo consultant can provide support and maintenance once the project is completed whereas the Odoo freelancers won't assure the after service and support. We are having Certified and Experienced Odoo consultants who provide time-bound services for our clients.

What are the steps to hire an Odoo Consultant

Before hiring an Odoo consultant, customers need to focus on certain things like whether he/she is certified and possess the desired skill to become a certified Odoo consultant and is expertise in all industry such as CRM, Sales, Manufacturing, etc and access to enterprise edition source code

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