Difference Between Functional And Technical ERP Consultant

Odoo implementation needs people who can be Odoo Functional Resource or Odoo Technical Developers, or often only one form is needed if you are good at the Functional Flow of your company and have expertise in planning proper business processes in compliance with the best industry standards. We will understand the differnce between Odoo ERP Functional Consultant and Odoo Technical Consultants in this article. If you employ Odoo experts for your business needs, basic knowledge of functional and technological experts will significantly underplay. You'll get an idea about the time frame, will need a technical expert and a functional expert to understand the best for your business.

Both functional and technical erp consultants equally play a major part in the successful implementation of applications at your place of work. Often, however, a techno-functional consultant (one individual) will do your job as he might be good enough to understand the software's technological and functional aspects.

Odoo Functional Consultant

The position of Odoo ERP Functional Consultant is vast until the project's final completion, including training and going live. It may not be possible to describe anything as far as the role of Odoo ERP Functional Expert is concerned as it is focused on various industries such as Manufacturing, Trading or Services and focused on the size of the business that implements Odoo ERP solution, the job may be vast with different tasks to perform.

Odoo ERP Functional Consultant may bring advanced expertise to assist the business needs of the company and to make the best possible decision on Odoo Project implementation.
Some of the assets are mentioned but not limited to:

  • Expertise in all sectors
  • Understanding the flow of your business.
  • Solutions for surmounting obstacles
  • Best integration
  • Perfect communication

We will try to sum up the Odoo Consultant's role below:

  • Understanding business processes
  • An Odoo consultant must have knowledge of various areas of business like the business flow design. An ERP implementation can be carried out across any verticals such as Manufacturing or Trading thus understanding the market flow, goods, manufacturing flow is one of Odoo Consultant's important roles and duties. With full knowledge of business processes, they should prepare documentation. They will have to sit with each department to create documents, understand their job, the forms they use, the process flow, etc.. An implementation of the ERP can not be effective without this.

  • Understanding the company requirements
  • A functional consultant understands the needs and requirements of the organization regarding the implementation of the ERP software. Evaluation of customer needs for Odoo ERP, and how to provide a solution to strengthen business processes.

  • Usability ensuring
  • If the development is completed, functional consultants managing Odoo software will provide the company with documentation, end-user training, the easy start of the software. Odoo functional consultants also assist in identifying other company criteria that could be incorporated in other phases.

    The Functional Consultant conducts end-user training and guarantees a seamless transition to the customer after the renovation has been completed. They can also report on the progress of the work effort and on-going follow-up to support the application.

    Odoo ERP Technical Consultant

    As stated in the initial paragraph, the implementation of Odoo involves people with various backgrounds and experience who work together to implement Odoo ERP software for your company successfully. In addition to major degrees in computer science or engineering, the main field is the Odoo Technical Python language and from a technical point of view the specific definition of Odoo ERP software.

    Odoo ERP's implementation and integration section are supervised by an Odoo ERP Technical Consultant. A well-experienced technical consultant can improve the programs defined by the functional consultants and can fill the gaps between the business process and Odoo ERP and help represent them in the business requirements.

    Odoo ERP Technical Consultant is a valuable tool for any ERP implementation because without it Functional-consultants can not be able to deliver effective projects.

    Here are are the main duties of Odoo ERP Technical consultants:

    • Python coding or design knowledge is one of the key requirements.
    • Knowledge about Unit testing/Integration.
    • Debugging and Troubleshooting of problems related to code.
    • Awareness of technical specifications in Odoo ERP applications and having correct module design.
    • Version Controlling and awareness of verticals in the industry such as Trading, Manufacturing, or any custom application creation.

    Being a part of this competitive environment needs proper maintenance and support for a product. Effectively handling the entire business workflow is a must. Similarly, there would certainly need for both functional and technical consultants behind the proper functioning of ERP software.

    So, are you facing any challenges? Thinking about changing software? In search of Experts? Then you can select Certified Odoo Consultants from us. We get you full control over your range of approved consultants over the long term.


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